About Amy Eisner, MA

  • Former Special Education Teacher Hartford Public Schools
  • M.A. in Special Education
  • Has been in the Education field 20+ years with extensive experience within the ASD spectrum, in addition to severe behavioral issues
  • Volunteered at the Learning Disability Association of Hartford
  • Awarded top advocate in the state by a Nationally Recognized Organization
  • Current on law changes affecting Special Education within our Schools
  • Recognizes that every child has unique individualized needs
  • Has represented hundreds of parents by advocating effectively for their children
  • Well established throughout Connecticut Public Schools
  • Well connected with many specialists in the field (Doctors, social workers, lawyers, Language Clinicians)…

One of Amy’s specialties, is examining test score results, and recommending the appropriate tests, which will flush out the nature of a child’s disability. She is thorough, conscientious, and knowledgeable in all areas within the special education realm. She knows how to get those services for your child at your school. She holds our Public Schools accountable under: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. (IDEA). She has a passion for her work, combined with an admirable knowledge of Federal Law. She also has quick wit, and very strong negotiating skills.